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Public-private partnership

More and more often, organizations that offer funding for research stimulate collaboration between academic researchers and companies.  Novel techniques and potential therapies will come closer to implementation, as knowledge, expertise, tools and networks can be more easily exchanged in so called public-private partnerships (PPPs). Also, collaboration between academics themselves, or between companies generates new ideas. For example, in our consortium the particulate matter (small particles in the air, for example generated by cars and industry) that was collected from the homes of participants in the COVID extension is not only quantified by one organization, but is now also cultured on cells in the laboratory of another research organization involved in P4O2. This allows us to get a much better insight into the effects of the particles, which eventually can lead to better interventions.

PPP is win-win-win

· August 2023 marks the 3th year anniversary of P4O2 COVID, the first initiated P4O2 project.

· In the past three years, the collaboration has laid it’s foundation. A multidisciplinairy intervention platform with 27 partners is currently in place.

· The consortium is still growing. An ILD cohort is recently started. There are now plans for an oncology cohort, a pediatric and an adolescents asthma cohort. Three new partners are about to join the consortium.

· The P4O2 young researchers network aims to stimulate collaboration and to offer experiences in different areas of pulmonary research, inside and outside academia.

How does this move us closer to being able to prevent lung disease?

P4O2 centers and streamlines Dutch lung research between academics and companies. Solutions to the needs of the different organizations can more easily be found and shared. Patients have input and are consulted, to create a greater impact of the project.





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