PhD position - Elucidation of skeletal muscle metabolism and secretome to modify risk on lung disease.

P4O2 is looking for a student that would like to study risk for lung disease. 

Environmental exposure to noxious compounds (external exposome) is a well-known trigger for chronic lung diseases. One of the hypotheses tested in this project of P4O2 is that the lifestyle-related ‘internal exposome’ modulates the sensitivity of the lungs to damage, with a central role for metabolically active tissues like skeletal muscle. Consequently, a fundamental understanding of the underlying tissue crosstalk and cellular interactions will provide a mechanistic basis to modify or reverse the development of chronic lung disease.

To this end novel skeletal muscle cell culture models to mimic and modulate life style determinants of muscle metabolism and secretory actions will be developed, as well as organ on chip approaches to model lung-muscle interactions in vitro. With these advanced cell models into place, the impact of lung and muscle crosstalk on damage and repair responses following external exposome stimuli and internal exposome modulation will be investigated.

 This project will be completed within the Department of Respiratory Medicine, with a long standing interest in lung - muscle interactions in lung disease, including COPD and lung cancer. As this project is embedded within the P4O2 program, the work will be performed in collaboration with academic partners at the UMCG and LUMC.

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