Precision Medicine for more Oxygen - P4O2

The mission of the Dutch National Program for Respiratory Research named ‘Life Long Lungs’ is to contribute to the improvement of the quality of research, to optimize the (inter)national position and strength of this research, and to prevent and optimally treat lung diseases. The next years, the program focusses on prevention of lung diseases in early life (HALO), precision medicine for more Oxygen (P4O2) and fatigue in chronic diseases including lung diseases (Fatigue). This website informs you specifically about P4O2.

Unlocking the prevention of lung disease

According to the World Health Organization, lung diseases are the number one cause of death worldwide. Lung diseases almost without exception lead to extremely debilitating symptoms and loss of quality of life and productivity. Therefore, the Precision Medicine for more Oxygen (P4O2) program aims to identify treatable traits and innovative personalized therapeutic strategies to both prevent progression of early stage damage and to reverse established lung damage by stimulating repair. There will also be attention for ex-COVID patients.

Introduction P4O2


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